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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater I just finished The Raven Boys two days ago and it was amazing once it got going. If you are into unique quirky urban-fantasy’s with great world building/character development you will love The Raven Boys. I went into the book not expecting much (borrowed it from the library instead of buying it first cause I wasn’t sure if I’d like it) and it surprised me! This is the second book with year to do that (first being Angelfall by Susan Ee). I can’t wait for the next book to come out! Even though I have already read The Raven Boys I totally went online to buy it at Barnes and Noble and preordered The Dream Thieves. :D
Scary Stories Boxed Set - Alvin Schwartz This book series brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. Next to mythology, folklore, and fairy tales; as a kid i loved to ready anything that had to do with ghost and other supernatural things. I still remember how excited I was the day I first found these books at the library. And boy did some of these stories give me the creeps! I'm not too ashamed to admit that even now the story about The Red Spot (about the spider laying eggs in a girls cheek) and the story of Harold the doll still give the creeps. That just to name a few of the stories that will send a chill down your back. While there are a lot of scary stories meant to frighten you, there are also stories the are creep yet funny as well. Like The Viper and the Hearse Song and the other weird songs(Yeah I was a morbid child).

Alvin Schwartz does a great job of retelling these stories. Not only are they enjoy able to read alone but they are also tons of fun to read out loud to a group at a campfire (or in the dark with just a flash light). The illustration are also really great and add on to the stories. It helps give the reader a picture to put in your mind along with each story. I would recommend this book to any child that enjoys ghost stories!